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Welcome! If you're browsing this page, you're at least a little curious about this whole "furry" thing. "Furry," in case you don't know, is a type of fiction where the characters, or at least some of the characters, are a hybrid of humans and animals. Most commonly, these are characters that walk and talk like humans, but who have fur and tails, and the faces of a particular animal--here's one of my favorite examples.


So what is "furry," anyway? Well, it's way too hard to explain in a single web page, but a short overview would be to say that furries are people who are fans of art and stories featuring anthropomorphic animal characters (see above). This ranges from old Warner Brothers cartoons to Disney movies to books like "Watership Down" to Pokémon. Furries also vary in the degree and expression of their fandom. Some of us draw, some write, some build costumes of characters ("fursuits"), some perform in costume, some just wear the costumes to be more like their characters. Some people enjoy furry works, and some also enjoy wearing collars or tails. See, most furries also identify with one or a few specific types of animals, and we take the traits of these animals as passed down through centuries of storytelling (Aesop, Reynard, and so on) as those we either see in ourselves or aspire to. For instance, you'll notice from the header that I identify with foxes. Growing up, I was never a jock; I was the slight, short kid who tried to be smarter than everyone else. Turns out that's pretty fox-like: using your wits to make up for limited physical gifts--and foxes are common in the fandom. But you can find someone for just about any animal, including domestic dog breeds, mythical animals, and fandom-originated hybrids of one or more species. One thing this fandom has an excess of is creativity. Because we are fans of an aesthetic rather than a particular source material, we make up our own source material every day. Furry fandom is a place where you can really figure out who and what you are, as long as it's some sort of non-human animal. :)


I write stories with furry characters and romantic plots, often including explicit gay erotica scenes. For me the characters always come first; I try to write characters I really care about, because then hopefully you will, too. If you're curious about my stories, you can read a lot of them for free online. Not sure where to start? Why not try...

  • ... 2009's Ursa Major Award winner for Short Story, Drifting, in which a ringtail tries desperately to work with his broken relationship.
  • ... the first chapter of Shadow of the Father, the new novel in the world of Argaea.
  • ... 2008's Ursa Major Award winner for Short Story, In Between, in which a tiger on a college football team looks for a one-night stand and gets more than he bargained for.
  • ... the follow-up to that story, if you like it, is Secrets (and if you like that, there's a novel that's gotten some pretty good reviews and won a few awards...)
  • ...2007's Ursa Major Award winner, Don't Blink, a story in a fairly light-hearted superhero/comic book universe (which actually has some straight sex in it!).
  • ...2006's Ursa Major Award winner, Jacks To Open, which is light on the sex and heavier on the contemporary supernatural: a private detective who takes advice from a deck of cards investigates a blackjack dealer who seems to be able to manipulate cards to the advantage--or disadvantage--of certain players.

And if you want to find out more about upcoming work, you can sign up for my once-a-month mailing list, or keep an eye on the blog or LiveJournal account where I post most news, or just check FurAffinity for story news and new stories. Or drop me a line and let me know what you think!