Here's some other places where you can find my work:

  • My mailing list sends out monthly updates. That's where you should look for news of upcoming books and appearances; I'll also post sneak previews of things and writing tips. (Following my blog, linked from the top nav bar on this site, is also a good way to keep up.)
  • FurAffinity is where a lot of my stories get posted. I also post journals there from time to time.
  • SoFurry is another story site that has more of my old stories.
  • Twitter is a good place to find my day-to-day inanities. During conventions I will usually tweet prior to signings and other events.
  • Unsheathed (RSS feed) is the podcast I did with K.M. Hirosaki and later Ryan Campbell. We discussed writing and related topics, with a particular eye toward furry and adult writing. Sometimes we read our stories out loud. Sometimes we had user contests. We still do live shows at conventions.
  • I am running a Patreon where fans who want to support me can get previews of works in progress, like the ongoing story Love Match and the Out of Position spinoff novel Ty Game.
  • My books are mostly all for sale at Sofawolf Press and FurPlanet.
  • You can also buy them on Amazon. I have an Author Central page, which has links to all my books there.

Outside links

Other places you might be interested in going:

  • The Sofawolf Press Catalog has a ton of good stuff, most of which was not written by me. Graphic novels, other books, magazines--exceptional furry publications. Check 'em out, they've got great stuff.
  • FurPlanet is another furry publisher with some great titles. They do a lot of comics and books from a great variety of creators.
  • My writing partner-in-crime and fellow podcaster, K.M. Hirosaki, posts some stories here and also has a LiveJournal.
  • The Outer Alliance, a cooperative of queer and queer-friendly F/SF writers to which I belong.
  • One of my favorite sportswriters, Joe Posnanski. He is great at picking out the human elements of any sports story, which is funny considering how much he loves playing with statistics and numbers. If you like sports, give his column a try.