Cupcakes are novellas, with more substance than short stories, though not as long as novels. The Cupcakes line was developed for FurPlanet by foozzzball, Kyell Gold, and Rikoshi as a reaction to their desire to tell novella-length stories and the lack of publishing opportunities for novellas.

Cupcakes have been nominated four times for Ursa Major awards, winning twice (Bridges and Dangerous Jade), and six times for Coyotl Awards, winning three (Science Friction, Indigo Rain, and Koa of the Drowned Kingdom).

Cupcakes are:

Bridges, by Kyell Gold

The Peculiar Quandary of Simon Canopus Artyle, by Kevin Frane

Science Friction, by Kyell Gold

Dangerous Jade, by foozzzball

Winter Games, by Kyell Gold

Indigo Rain, by Watts Martin

The Mysterious Affair of Giles, by Kyell Gold

Dude, Where’s My Fox? by Kyell Gold

Koa of the Drowned Kingdom, by Ryan Campbell

Losing My Religion, by Kyell Gold