Post-war life in the large British manor of Tremontaine is normally quiet, especially for assistant cook Ellie Stone. When Giles and Kate St. Clair's son John returns unexpectedly from his American college the same week Mr. St. Clair's business partner Martin Trevayn is visiting to conclude a business deal, though, tensions run high. Mr. St. Clair takes out some of his stress on Ellie's girlfriend Abby, a housemaid, and for a brief moment, Ellie wishes the head of the family dead.

The feeling passes quickly, and she doesn't think anything of it. Until the next day, when she hears the gunshot...

Kyell says:

I went through an Agatha Christie phase many years ago and still retain a great affection for her books. I had been listening to the audiobook of "Rebecca" and became intrigued by the life in 40s-50s British manor houses, and then I remembered Agatha Christie and decided I wanted to try to write a mystery in homage to her books. And because a young lady seemed more appropriate to the serving class, I made it a lesbian story.