Love Match Volume 2 E-book

If for some reason you haven’t picked up the Love Match Volume 2 e-book from, in a day or two you should be able to find it on your preferred major e-book retailer (except for NOOK because I’m still working on some bureaucracy with that platform, but also based on sales I’m going to say that there aren’t many of you who would describe NOOK as your “preferred” retailer).

Rocky’s adventures continue beyond Palm Gables, into adulthood as he crosses his eighteenth birthday, and into continuing success in the tennis world, with equivalent challenges in other aspects of his life.

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Award Eligibility (Coyotls)

Hey, if you’re a FWG member, Coyotl nominations close 3/15 so I thought I’d remind everyone what I have that’s eligible if you feel inclined.


Love Match volume 1

The Tower and the Fox (by Tim Susman)



Short stories:

“Personal History,” in ROAR 8 (by Tim Susman)

“Who Fights With Monsters,” in Arcana


If you liked ’em, please nominate, thanks! If you didn’t, nominate something else! It’s important that we all participate. 🙂

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Waterways E-Book Updated

Hey everyone, sorry that took so long, but I’ve just sent the updated Waterways e-book (which includes the new stories and illos) to Bad Dog Books, Amazon, Google, iBooks, Kobo, and NOOK. It’s listed just as Waterways, not as a new book or anything, so by the weekend you should be able to request an updated version from wherever you bought it from, which is a process you should figure out with whomever that is. I am terrible at tech support for e-book retailers so I will not be able to tell you how to do this for your version.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the updates!

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Texas Furry Fiesta Schedule

I’m leaving for Dallas tomorrow and I’ll be at TFF all weekend. Mostly you’ll find me skulking around the FurPlanet table to sign your brand new copies of Love Match volume 2 and chat, but occasionally I will be off giving instructional panels. Here’s my schedule:


8 pm: Book Reading (I usually read from an unpublished work, so maybe I’ll read from the second Calatians book, or Ty Game.)

11 am: Commission Writing & Patreon
6 pm: Shorter vs Longer Works
7:30 pm: RAWR: The Furry Residential Writing Workshop

10:30 am: Marketing Yourself
2 pm: Script Writing


Come by the table and get some books, say hi, and come to the panels with questions! Looking forward to seeing all your smiling muzzles there!

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Our Visit To Patreon

A couple months ago, a Patreon employee reached out to me, having seen the comic I did with Keovi on Erika Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy site. She said that Patreon knows they have a lot of customers from the furry community and that they wanted to learn more about it. If I had any resources, she said, that’d be great, and if I was ever in the area, they’d love for me to stop by their offices.

I explained that I live an easy train ride from their offices, and we started planning a visit. I drew in Watts Martin, a fellow author and tech-savvy coyote; and Hashtag, a new media expert and part of a younger generation of furries than me and Watts. We finally went up last Friday afternoon, the 26th, and though I’d been led to expect a sizable crowd, we were still taken aback to be presented with couches and microphones at one end of a cafeteria that held probably fifty people. And not just fifty people caught at the end of a late lunch and embarrassed to leave; no, fifty people staring at us attentively.

Our host had asked for questions in advance, and people had submitted a lot of good ones. So after we introduced ourselves, she called up her list to ask us, and right away we knew it was a good audience, because someone said, “While she’s getting the list, can you tell us how each of you came into the fandom?”

Some of the questions they asked were things like, “What are some micro-aggressions against furries that we should avoid?” (the only thing we could come up with was people using “furry porn” as one of the worst things on the Internet), “How has being a furry impacted your professional life (if at all)?” (clearly it’s enabled mine; Watts and Hashtag said they haven’t had any problems), and “What do you see as the future of your art and community?” (we talked about Facerig and animojis, and about Carrizo’s VR and Mocap advances).

We could easily have talked for another half hour, but they had another meeting in the room, so we had to clear out. I had brought a copy of Love Match, the book that Patreon helped me write, as I suspected they might have a shelf or a room for works their creators have made. They did, and they were all very excited to see it, so I signed it over to them (I’d brought a gold pen for just that purpose). After that, we had a smaller meeting with some technical people and user community people who wanted to talk about my experience with Patreon. They asked, among other things, about my perception of their guidelines (you may remember that there was an Internet kerfuffle when they revised their guidelines to be more clear about what was not permissible content), and that was when they said they are not only okay with adult content, they love their adult content creators. They encouraged me to tell all of you that if you’re thinking about starting a Patreon and have questions about your content and their guidelines, to please email them at They are always happy to answer questions.

I’ve always had good experiences dealing with Patreon. They seemed at the very least to be interested in listening to their creators, even if that didn’t always translate into quick action. What we found in our visit was a company full of engaged, enthusiastic people who genuinely love being part of all the creative projects they enable. They have a wall–an extensive wall–full of the signatures of various people who have come by their office over the years. It’s a pretty cool thing to look at, and when they invited us to come sign our names to it, we were honored to be part of it. So now our names are on the wall, and Love Match is sitting in their library. This is a company that not only allows furry content, they actively sought out more information so they could serve our community better. Pretty cool.

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Further Confusion Schedule

Hey guys! I’m gonna be at FC again in *checks watch* eight hours or so, and here’s where you can come listen to me yap about stuff if you feel so inclined. When not yapping in a panel I will be yapping behind the Sofawolf table, next to the FurPlanet table, so you should come by and say hi! NOTED AUTHOR and fellow RAWR instructor Ryan Campbell will also be behind the table sometimes, and either of us will be happy to sign books for you. I don’t have anything new since MFF, but Camouflage and the Waterways 10th Anniversary edition hardcover will both be here at FC for the first time, as will The Tower and the Fox!

Friday, January 12

3:00pm: Patreon and Furry

Saturday, January 13

1:00pm: Furry Writing in 2028

4:30pm: Let’s Talk About RAWR!: The Furry Residential Writing Workshop

10:00pm: Adult Furry Writing [18+]

Sunday, January 14

11:00am: Developing a Writing Practice

10:00pm: Unsheathed Live! [18+]


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Camouflage out on other e-book stores

Hey, just a quick note to let you know that Camouflage is now (or should be very soon) out on the Kindle store, Nook store, iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo, and it remains on sale from So, you know, if you were waiting…

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The Shape of Love (Personal)

Wolf and cat and fox

What our movie nights look like now.

You folks who have had to come out to family and friends know that it’s hard to pick the right time. Holidays are often the most convenient time because everyone’s together, and yet there’s so much else going on that it’s still tough to figure out where to drop a big piece of news. But this is the Internet and everyone’s always around, so if you could gather round, I’d like to tell you about a big positive change in my life.

It’s been going on for years, actually, and a lot of you already know about it. Kit and I have added a third person to our relationship, a Geoffroy’s Cat who goes by the name of Hashtag. You’ve likely seen him around if you’re a furry who reads social media. Hashtag’s been effectively living with us for about three years now, but officially moved in a year ago. If you follow him, you know he’s sharp-witted and very funny, but he’s also really sweet and he will probably kill me for telling you all that. But you guys know me and you know I wouldn’t fall in love with anyone who wasn’t.

The path to this place wasn’t easy, and involved a lot of communication and missteps and trial and error. But it’s been great for a good long time now, and all indications are that it’s going to continue to be, at least as well as anyone can read a relationship. Hashtag complements me and Kit in many ways, and, most importantly, communicates well with us.

Since the idea of adding a person to our couple first came up, I’ve learned a lot about poly relationships. As you might expect, adding a person to a couple creates several possible relationship configurations. These are often described in shapes: a “V” when one person has two relationships but those others aren’t in as strong a relationship; a triangle when all three are in a strong relationship (there’s a quick one-minute video about that here: So to be clear: we’re a triangle, not a “V.” Each of us loves the other two, we’re all on equal footing.

And the language of polyamory isn’t commonly known, besides which (just as with couples) everyone has their own preferences. So here are the words we use to refer to each other and which you guys can use if you want. Kit and I are still legally married; Kit is my husband and I’m his husband. Hashtag is my boyfriend and Kit’s boyfriend and we are his boyfriends. We are also all each other’s partner, which is maybe the most equitable term although it’s a touch clinical and none of us feel it like we do the others. Still okay though. “Significant others” is fine if you’re feeling 90s, and of course we’re furries so “your fox” and “your wolf” and “your cat” also work. We are collectively a family or maybe a triad; Hashtag is okay with the term “thruple” but it makes me feel bitey, so use at your own risk. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

And because I want to demystify things, if you guys have questions about how our three-way relationship works, ask away. I’m not going to talk about private information (“o hai Kyell how’s your sex life?”), but if you’re like “I can’t imagine how you tell your families” or “what do you do when two of you want to do something and the other doesn’t?”, ask away (many of our family members know, some do not, based on our judgment of how well they’d handle the information–much like your family members about your non-traditional relationship/furry fandom membership).

(Also, we’re furries, and sometimes we commission artists, and that means that certain aspects of our private information are available in certain places that I’m sure you know.)

Anyway, I’m glad to be open about this. My boyfriend deserves a public acknowledgment, because he’s been awesome. My husband, as you know, is also awesome and remains so. <3 <3 Thanks guys for listening, and happy 2018.

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My Furry Identity

One of my college friends transitioned from male to female a couple years ago. One of the things she told me as she was in the midst of her transition was that when someone called her “she,” it gave her a good feeling, a little thrill. Among the many small and large details she shared of her transition, this one stood out to me, and through it I got a much better feeling of what she was going through.

Transition is a process (loosely speaking, and with the disclaimer that this is my understanding from the words of others) of asserting your external identity to match your internal one. But our external identity is not only defined by us; it’s confirmed and reinforced by the people around us, in intentional and unintentional interactions. We have only a limited amount of control over those interactions, and that feels really untenable. We can tell people what pronouns to use, how to affirm our identity, and so on, but ultimately (as we have seen in countless examples over the last few years), it’s up to those people whether to follow our wishes or not. So any example of someone affirming your new identity, especially unsolicited, feels very good.

The reason this detail stuck out to me is that I could identify with it. I’m not transgender, but that same feeling of having an internal identity somewhat at odds with what is presented to the world, is at the core of many in the furry community.

Let me hasten to say that I don’t mean to compare the experience of coming out as transgender to that of being furry. Transgender people face a great many more challenges; gender identity is so ingrained in our culture that it’s difficult just to get people to consider that someone’s gender identity might be different from the gender they were assigned at birth, and gender plays a role in so many parts of our culture that it’s impossible to avoid. The reason I used this example is that people who are aware of the struggle of being transgender understand the idea and the feeling of someone’s gender identity being affirmed by outside society, and I wanted to use that particular aspect of being trans to highlight something that most outsiders don’t understand about furries.

An outsider’s view of furries, as presented by the media, often focuses on people who dress up in costumes, or the activities in the fandom–artwork, writing, charity. By so doing, they miss the point of what the furry community is about for many of its members. When I was asked to describe the furry fandom to someone outside of it who was curious about it, their first question was, “Why is your avatar that of the animal?” (referring to my Twitter icon, one of many illustrations of my red fox fursona).

I hadn’t thought before that what we consider a basic cornerstone of our fandom could be so mysterious to an outsider. Of *course* we use our fursonas as avatars. That’s how we represent ourselves to others in our community. But it’s deeper than that: that’s how we represent ourselves to ourselves.

For some people, I think, choosing an avatar upon entering the fandom is a little like picking teams in laser tag: you run for whatever color your friends are. But for many of us, the species of our fursona matters deeply. Animals are imbued with a good deal of meaning through our culture, from Aesop’s Fables through Le Roman de Renard and countless Disney movies, and most people know a few basic facts about a lot of animals. It’s not hard to find an animal you identify with; even people outside the fandom can come up with an answer if asked, “What kind of animal would you be?” (Try it. You’ll get some amusing answers.)

In fact, I use that question to explain the furry fandom to outsiders sometimes. I’ll ask them, wait for the answer, and then tell them, “Furries are just people who have thought about that question a lot.”

We think about that and we share those thoughts with each other. And here maybe you’ll see what we have in common with my friend from the beginning of this post. I think that if I were an animal, I’d be a fox. There are a number of reasons for that: as a kid, I was never physically adept, but I got by on my wits–these are cultural stereotypes of foxes. I’ve been uprooted and uprooted myself a bunch of times, and always adapted to new surroundings–and the red fox is the most adaptable of carnivores, successful on multiple continents. Foxes in mythology are crafty but often not malicious, an ethos I identify with.

I'm a fox

So this image of myself as a fox isn’t just picking a mascot for my life. It’s tied up in how I view myself as a person and how I want to be viewed by others. And when my friends and other furries say, “Hey, fox,” to me, I get that little thrill of affirmation that other people recognize the identity I’ve chosen and acknowledge it.

Several of my friends have told me privately that they feel the same way. I once made an impression on a friend who is a husky by telling her, “You *are* a husky,” so much so that she wrote about that small moment in her recap of the convention. And this, I think, is the part of the furry fandom that so many in the media miss, that so many outsiders don’t see. We don’t pick our animal avatars just for fun; we don’t wear expensive costumes because we like dressing up. We wear badges at conventions with illustrations of our fursonas or characters we relate to; we get costumes made of them; all of this is so that we can represent to the world this internal identity that is so important to us. Why it’s important is a whole other matter, maybe as impenetrable to outsiders as an unfamiliar gender identity or cultural identity. But the why shouldn’t matter as much as the fact that it *is* important.

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Award Eligibility Post For 2017

Hey, since people are posting “things I wrote this year” for award purposes, here’s my list. No novellas this year! I realized that I didn’t get a Cupcake out, but that’s okay, I have one planned for next year.


Love Match vol. 1 (January, FurPlanet) – My Patreon patrons have been watching this story unfold for years and it’s fun to see everyone else discovering it.

Camouflage (December, FurPlanet) – Originally drafted on this blog several years ago, finally edited and published. I really loved researching the 1500s and building the world of this story, and it’s such a thrill to see it in print with some beautiful illustrations by Rukis. I think this book has one of my favorite endings of anything I’ve written–not just the last few paragraphs but the last few chapters.

under the name Tim Susman:

The Tower and the Fox (July, Argyll Productions) – Really excited about this one. After seven years of planning and writing and rewriting, I finally got the Calatians series launched. The second book is written and ready and the third is plotted, and I can’t wait to get them out. Laura Garabedian’s art is just perfect for it, too.


Short stories:

“Personal History,” in ROAR vol. 8 (FurPlanet, July) – Love this story. It’s one of those stories whose last thread came together as I was prepping it for submission and I’m happy I took exactly as much time as needed to get it finished.

“Who Walks With Monsters,” in Arcana (Thurston Howl, November) – Backstory from the world of “Unfinished Business,” my story in Heat 12.

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