Winter Games

  • What's Winter Games about?

    Here's the back cover blurb:

    Sierra Snowpaw is just at the Lonnegan Ski Resort looking for a good time. You can trust him. If he doesn't talk a lot about his past, well, a lot of guys have done things they'd rather forget. A lot of guys have been through things they'd rather forget, too. No, Sierra's a nice guy, smiling and unattached, just the kind of single skier you might hook up with once or twice while he's at the resort, and then forget about later. He says he skied some fine slopes fifteen years ago, then doesn't say much else.

    He's so nice that it doesn't really come off as weird when he starts getting interested in some of the other guests. He doesn't come off as a cop, though, or a fed—well, okay. He does remind you a little of that one guy from that movie. Maybe he's off-duty, settling a score on his own time.

    Or maybe he's the guy on the run. Come to think of it, he looks around corners like someone's after him, too. But you know, some guys are chased by nothing more than the ghosts of their past. And it feels like Sierra's got a hell of a past to be running from.

  • What's a 'Cupcake'?

    "Cupcakes" are the line of novellas written by me, foozzzball, and Rikoshi, and published through FurPlanet. I would point you to the website, but it is shamefully out of date. The previous Cupcakes have been "Bridges" and "Science Friction" (by me), "The Peculiar Quandary of Simon Canopus Artyle," by Rikoshi, and "Dangerous Jade," by foozzzball.

  • Why are you releasing it at RainFurrest?

    RainFurrest has always done a great job supporting writers, and they offered to throw me a release party! With a Cupcake! So how could I say no? If you're coming to the con, please come to the release party and celebrate the book and have free food. :)

  • Who's doing the art?

    Sabretoothed Ermine is the artist for this book, and she has done a terrific job realizing the characters. Check out her gallery to see a teaser for the cover and some of her other lovely work.

  • How is this book similar to or different from your other work?

    Like many of my recent books, Winter Games interweaves two narratives. In this case, we follow Sierra in the present day, as he's searching for a figure from his past, and fifteen years ago, when he first meets that person. It was something of a challenge to write the same character early and then later in his life, but both aspects of the character came to me very realistically and I'm happy with the result. Winter Games also does contain adult scenes, which I guess I need to specify now after some of my recent books.