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About the book

Red Devil is the second book in the Dangerous Spirits series, the first of which was Green Fairy. You don't have to have read that one to enjoy this one, though; the stories stand alone.

About "furry" books

If you're not familiar with books featuring anthropomorphic animal characters, you might want to read my short explanation of what this is all about. If you don't really care, I'll just say that you don't have to be a furry fan to enjoy my books (according to many e-mails I've gotten). I use animal characters to play off stereotypes and give the world a different character. It's fun! Give it a try. :)

  • What's Red Devil about?

    Here's the back cover blurb:

    When Alexei seeks the help of a ghost to deal with a swaggering bully, he gets the strength and confidence he hopes for. If in the process, he hurt his best friend Sol, well, he can make it up to the wolf later. Things get worse when the ghost, an old Siberian soldier, demands that Alexei give up his gay life, which Alexei fled his home country for. The young fox is resolved to send the ghost away--until his sister, left behind with their abusive parents, falls into mortal danger from which only the ghost can save her. Now Alexei must choose between living the life he risked everything to have and rescuing his beloved Caterina from death...or worse.

  • When is it coming out?

    January 17, 2014, at Further Confusion. The e-book and audiobook should follow shortly.

  • Is Rukis doing the art?

    Yes! She did the art for Green Fairy and we were both excited to work together again.

  • How is this book similar to or different from Green Fairy?

    It's a sequel in that it involves the same characters, but as you can see from above, Alexei is the main character in this one. I wanted to recreate the feel of Green Fairy without resorting to exactly the same formula (Alexei finds an old Russian book!), and I think it worked out pretty well. In this book, Alexei actually seeks out the help of a ghost and then has to live with what he gets. Whereas the events of Green Fairy kind of happen to Sol (he does take an active part), Red Devil is set in motion by Alexei. Also, it is Russian, so it is a sadder book.

  • Is there going to be a sequel?

    Well, clearly Meg needs her own book now.