Publication Dates

Because I keep getting asked when and where such-and-such book is going to be released, I have created this page so that people may come back and keep track of when things are coming out. It includes a couple questions about publication dates at the bottom. If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to ask me directly. (If a book is not listed below, then I don't know the publication date. I promise you I will list it as soon as I know it.)

Publication   Print Date   E-Book Date(*)   Audiobook Date(**)
The Mysterious Affair of Giles   Available   Available   In process
Dude, Where's My Fox (Cupcake)   Available   Available   In process
Titles (a Dev and Lee novel)   December 2019 (MFF)   January 2020   TBD
Love Match 2013-2015   Spring 2020   TBD   TBD
The Revolution and the Fox (Calatians book 4)   July 2020 (AnthroCon)   July 2020  

(*) The e-book will be provided to all platforms on the same day unless there is a promotional release on one site, but due to delays in processing time, may not appear in every store on the same day.

(**) Audiobooks are submitted to Audible and then subject to a 2-3 week quality review, so often I will not have exact dates until Audible e-mails me to say the book is live.


  • Why does the e-book appear later than the print book?

    Because I hold the electronic rights while my print publishers hold the print rights, my print publishers don't get royalties from sales of e-books. Out of courtesy to them, I hold back publication on the e-books until the start of the month following the print release (the publishers have kindly agreed to allow nearly simultaneous e-book releases). Usually this means giving them a chance to sell the print book at the three major furry cons (FC, AC, MFF).

  • Where should I buy the books?

    I recommend you purchase the books directly from the publisher if at all for Sofawolf books, for FurPlanet books. You can find the print books elsewhere, but then you are paying a distributor part of the purchase price of the book. If you buy from the publisher, then all your money goes to the publisher and me.

    For e-books, it doesn't really matter much. All the sites offer more or less the same royalty on the books. And the difference in price between the print and e-books means that I get about the same royalty for a publisher-sold print book as for an e-book, so pick whichever one you like best. I like because they're owned by friends of mine in the furry community, so more of your purchasing dollar goes to furries. I usually give them a month of exclusivity before releasing the e-books elsewhere.