Publication Dates

Because I keep getting asked when and where such-and-such book is going to be released, I have created this page so that people may come back and keep track of when things are coming out. It includes a couple questions about publication dates at the bottom. If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to ask me directly. (If a book is not listed below, then I don't know the publication date. I promise you I will list it as soon as I know it.)

Publication   Print Date   E-Book Date(*)   Audiobook Date(**)
The Mysterious Affair of Giles   Available   Available   In process
Dude, Where's My Fox (Cupcake)   Available   Available   In process
Ty Game   November 28, 2018 (MFF)   first week of December, 2018   --
The War and the Fox (Calatians book 3)   July 2019 (AnthroCon)   July 2019  
Untitled Dev and Lee novel   summer 2019   TBD   TBD

(*) The e-book will be provided to all platforms on the same day unless there is a promotional release on one site, but due to delays in processing time, may not appear in every store on the same day.

(**) Audiobooks are submitted to Audible and then subject to a 2-3 week quality review, so often I will not have exact dates until Audible e-mails me to say the book is live.


  • Why does the e-book appear later than the print book?

    Because I hold the electronic rights while my print publishers hold the print rights, my print publishers don't get royalties from sales of e-books. Out of courtesy to them, I hold back publication on the e-books until the start of the month following the print release (the publishers have kindly agreed to allow nearly simultaneous e-book releases). Usually this means giving them a chance to sell the print book at the three major furry cons (FC, AC, MFF).

  • Where should I buy the books?

    I recommend you purchase the books directly from the publisher if at all for Sofawolf books, for FurPlanet books. You can find the print books elsewhere, but then you are paying a distributor part of the purchase price of the book. If you buy from the publisher, then all your money goes to the publisher and me.

    For e-books, it doesn't really matter much. All the sites offer more or less the same royalty on the books. And the difference in price between the print and e-books means that I get about the same royalty for a publisher-sold print book as for an e-book, so pick whichever one you like best. I like because they're owned by friends of mine in the furry community, so more of your purchasing dollar goes to furries. I usually give them a month of exclusivity before releasing the e-books elsewhere.