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New to the site? Curious what this is all about? I have an explanation. If you want to know what I write, check out my books. My most popular series, about a gay football player and his activist boyfriend, begins with Out of Position. If you want to keep up with the latest news, I have created a mailing list where I send notifications once a month.

Ongoing novel "Love Match" continues through Patreon

I'm writing a novel about the seven-year journey of a young jackal through tennis school and into the professional sport, and also through puberty and into gay life. For as little as $5 a month you can support me and read weekly updates.

If you are inclined to donate more per month, you can also see illustrations done by Rukis, read a monthly bonus story that I'll write in any of my worlds, chat with me a couple times a month, and even get your character in a story or score a piece of original art!


I have several audiobooks up on Audible, and more to come. If you enjoy them, please leave a rating and review.


My first draft novel is complete. Later this year I will do a revision and submit it to some publishers, so hopefully you'll see a print edition in 2015 or 2016.

Upcoming Appearances

I will be at FogCon and Emerald City Comic-Con in March, San Diego Comic-Con in July, Rocky Mountain Fur Con and probably WorldCon in August, and RainFurrest in September.

A full list of my upcoming appearances is always available under Contact in the above menu.

Upcoming Publication Dates

To answer the people who keep asking over and over again, I have created a page with publication dates in print and electronic form for all my books that are not yet out in both.


If you would like to generously contribute to the upkeep of a now-full-time writer, you may do so via the button below. I really appreciate anything you can spare! I'm trying to build an ongoing income to allow myself to write full time, but I'm still at the point where any help is welcome. Click the image below to send me some money via Paypal or credit card.

Other News

Check out my blog for the latest goings-on.