League of Canids

Superheroes and Romance for Mature Adults
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The League of Canids is a superhero team made up of wild canid species--foxes, coyotes, wolves, and wild dogs--that live in the Forester Universe. There are comic books and TV shows of them in the universe, but whether they actually live in the same world as Waterways is left open. There are certainly comic books and TV shows about them in their own world.

The League of Canids stories are a light take on the world of superheroes and their romantic entanglements. Illustrated by AmonOmega, their adventures are now available in paperback from Sofawolf Press, with e-book editions forthcoming this year (2012).

League of Canids stories

  • Don't Blink (ADULT CONTENT), published in Heat #4, 2007 (won Ursa Major Award for short story that year)
    • Features: Blink Coyote, Red Lightning, Crypto Fox, Psycho Coyote
  • Third Date (ADULT CONTENT), published in Heat #5, 2008
    • Features: WonderWolf, Blink Coyote
  • Modern History (ADULT CONTENT), published on FurAffinity (user Kyell), 2009
    • Features: WonderWolf, History Channel