Kory was having enough trouble in high school. His girlfriend just dumped him, his poetry made him a target for ridicule, and college applications were looming. The very last thing he needed was to fall in love with another boy.

Waterways is the complete novel that includes the beloved story "Aquifers". Join Kory as his feelings and faith collide, washing away the life he knew. His brother Nick, friends Samaki and Malaya, and Father Joe are there to help, but it's Kory who has to navigate the thrills and perils of the new waterways that make up his life.

At stake? Nothing much -- just a chance at true love and happiness. And he still has to graduate from high school...

Cover and interior illustrations by John Nunnemacher

Kyell says:

Waterways came about through an odd series of circumstance, starting with me joining the now-defunct eroticfurrywriting group. I did not set out to write an inspirational text for young gay furries, but "coming to terms" (as opposed to coming-of-age) has always been a theme of my writing, and that naturally came to the fore in Kory's story. I've been surprised and touched by the number of people who have taken strength and inspiration from this story. I appreciate all the letters I've received from all of you about it.