Ty Nakamura is having a great rookie season as a professional football player. His team is going to its first championship game and he's made his way into the starting lineup. His parents are going to pick out a wife for him this summer. Only then he meets a wolf in a gay dance club, and his life gets complicated. But he's a successful athlete. He can have it all. Right?
Tami Tachibana is a project manager for a video game company. If she works hard, next cycle she'll get her dream job: leading the next Destiny's Angel game. The last thing she needs is a courtship with some entitled glorified jock. But when her mother insists she have dinner with Ty, things keep progressing, and soon she's having fun, and maybe falling in love. Ty's honest and straightforward and that's refreshing. So what could go wrong?

Kyell says:

There's a teaser in Over Time about Ty's relationship with the wolf, and I always knew I wanted to write a story about it. As I got further into the story, I realized that I had to include Tami's point of view and I loved her character as well. So the novella became a novel and then a longer novel. I researched some Japanese customs (Yamatese in my world) and talked to some video game developers and I've enjoyed the result.

[Coming December 2018]