After thirty years, Aziz's marriage now consists mostly of arguing about whether to sell their store to a developer. His wife has a social life, interests and plans for the future, but the pawnshop is Aziz's connection to his community. And then one day a desperate fox rushes into the shop looking for the honeymoon tape his husband sold. Seizing on this chance to make a difference, the cheetah steps up to help save their crumbling marriage. A gay couple might not show him the way to a new life, but he's running out of ways to save his old one.

Kyell says:

Aziz is a minor character in my series Love Match. When I decided I wanted to write a story about major changes late in life, combining a current theme of developers and tech money pushing out old, established communities with the familiar theme of identity. That Aziz is Muslim also brings a dimension to the story of a minority religion, which I haven't often explored. I was fortunate enough to have a Muslim friend read over the draft to correct my egregious errors, and I learned quite a bit about Islam from him and from my research for this book.

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[E-book coming January 2017]