When Alexei seeks the help of a ghost to deal with a swaggering bully, he gets the strength and confidence he hopes for. If in the process, he hurt his best friend Sol, well, he can make it up to the wolf later. Things get worse when the ghost, an old Siberian soldier, demands that Alexei give up his gay life, which Alexei fled his home country for. The young fox is resolved to send the ghost away--until his sister, left behind with their abusive parents, falls into mortal danger from which only the ghost can save her. With a full color cover and interior illustrations by Rukis.

Kyell says:

Red Devil, the sequel to Green Fairy, was the source of a lot of sequel stress. I had tried a lot of different things with Green Fairy, and the question I kept coming back to was: how can I do the same kinds of things without making it too much of a replica of the first book? It was a challenge, but I enjoyed it and I ended up planning a third book in the series as I was writing it. So I think it turned out okay. Sometimes it takes a challenge like that to help you discover something new and worthwhile.